Information Session 2 | March 22, 2023

CLOSED: This session has concluded.

The AESO hosted a virtual session on Wednesday, March 22, 2023, to review the AESO 2023 Reliability Requirements Roadmap (Reliability Roadmap).


  • Review the scope of the Reliability Roadmap and the scenarios used for the assessments
  • Provide an overview of each key reliability domain (Frequency Stability, System Strength and Flexibility Capability) assessed and presented in the Reliability Roadmap, including:
    • Description and definition of each domain
    • Reliability issues identified
    • Assessments and key findings
    • Potential mitigations and operational readiness
  • Review proposed action plans, including priority, implementation time horizon, and specific actions
  • Provide an opportunity for stakeholders to ask questions about the Reliability Roadmap


Located under Information Session 2 in the Materials section.

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