Progress Update | April 2023

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Progress Update

The AESO continues to advance the Compliance Monitoring Program (CMP) work stream activities. As noted in the February 2023 Reliability Standards Discussion Group (RSDG) presentation, the following steps were shared. The following provides a status update of those activities:

  • Post draft proposal (formerly referred to as white paper) that includes Components 1 to 3 of the proposed AESO risk-based CMP in April 2023.
    • Posted | The AESO has finalized its proposal for Components 1 to 4 (additional component added) of the proposed risk-based CMP.
  • Following the publication of the draft proposal, seek stakeholder feedback on its contents.
    • Posted | The AESO requested stakeholder feedback on the draft proposal and any content areas that require further clarification from June 20-July 18, 2023. At the June RSDG meeting, on June 20, 2023, the AESO presented the proposal and provided stakeholders with an opportunity to ask questions and explore any areas where clarification is required.

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