AESO Reply Letter | July 7, 2023


On April 28, 2023, the AESO issued a consultation letter regarding proposed CIP-013 and Supporting Standards and requested Stakeholder comments on the same. For additional information, please see the Consultation Letter

AESO Reply to Stakeholders

On May 31, 2023, the AESO posted written Stakeholder comments received regarding CIP-013 and Supporting Standards, draft amended AESO ID #2015-003RS, Guidance Information for CIP Standards (“ID #2015-003RS”), and the related Reliability Standard Audit Worksheets.

Based on comments received, the AESO has made amendments to proposed CIP-PLAN-AB-2 and draft ID #2015-003RS. In addition, editorial changes have been made to CIP-003-AB-8, CIP-005-AB-7, CIP-010-AB-4, and CIP-013-AB-2. All changes made are reflected in the posted blackline and clean copies.

AESO Reply Letter Materials

Can be found in the AESO Materials section.

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